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We provide high quality, legitimate, steroid treatments and performance enhancing drugs to our customers across the world.

Who Are TAS?

We are a UK based steroid source which a strong reputation for delivering quality steroids to your doorstep quickly and easily. Our aim is to make your entire experience as smooth and stress free as possible.

By buying with us you can be assured that your order will arrive safely and discreetly within a few days.

Thanks to our years of experience in selling and delivering steroids worldwide we can provide you with an easy, stress-free experience for ordering all your gear today.

Whether you need help setting up your stack or would like to ask further questions. Feel free to contact us over email on [email protected]

What do we sell?

Only the best gear, at an affordable price.

We choose our stock from a selection of carefully picked Pharmaceutical Labs that are trusted to produce high quality steroids on a consistent basis.

We sell the full range of steroids in injectable and oral form along with injection packs, accessories and supplements for your cycle, we have everything you need to kick start your cycle today.

You can be assured that when you buy from The Anabolic Store, the products you receive will be the best available on the market today.

Why choose us?

Get your gear FAST and SAFELY from TAS

Buying anabolic steroids online is a risk many of you have to take to obtain affordable, quality products. The last thing you want is to deal with an unreliable source with poor organisation.

When you purchase from TAS you deal directly with professionals who make the entire process of buying and receiving your steroids as easy as possible. We ship all orders within 3 working days and maintain constant, steady communication with you until your parcel arrives.

Have more questions?

Visit our FAQ page to find out more about our services.

You can email us at anytime if you have any further questions.

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