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Obtaining Bitcoin (BTC)

Paying with Bitcoin might seem long winded at first but once you do it once you will find you can do it again swiftly.

You can use many providers to purchase Bitcoin but in this demonstration we will be using both and

Before you buy your Bitcoin you will need to create a Bitcoin wallet, this is the easiest part of the process and once it is set up you won’t have to go through this process again. This of it as opening an anonymous bank account. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet please skip this step.

1 – Go to

2- Sign up for a personal account and verify your email.

3- Once you login Cryptonator will take you through a setup guide. You can copy these settings below

Once you have clicked the Generate button you will be given a Bitcoin Wallet Address. Copy this and hold on to it for your next step.

1 – The fastest way to buy Bitcoin is with your debit or credit card. Visit either or and make sure you have the option selected to buy Bitcoin (do not buy Bitcoin Cash)

2 – Enter how much Bitcoin or how much USD worth of Bitcoin you’d like to buy and then paste your wallet address in the field below. 

3 – From here you will be directed to checkout form (powered by Simplex). Simply follow the steps, input your payment information. Then your Bitcoins will be sent to your Wallet address. This may take anywhere from ten minutes to more than one hour.

Now we wait…

Now that you have Bitcoins in your wallet, you can use them to pay for your order. During the checkout on our website simply choose the Bitcoin payment method. 

You will be provided with our wallet address. Go to and paste our wallet address into the form along with the total amount you need to pay.

Once you’ve sent your payment, it will automatically be confirmed within 1 hour. You will receive an email to confirm your payment. 


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