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TAS Summer Stack


The TAS Summer Stack has everything you need to run a perfect summer cycle. It is specifically tailored towards an aggresive fat burning phases followed by a lean bulk and muscle hardening phase. This creates a highly desirable low body fat and hard muscular look.

You can choose between the Beginner, Advanced or Veteran cycle. Scroll down to see details on what each variation contains.

If you would like to buy a stack but make slight modifications or receive expired gear for a further discount please email us; [email protected]


The TAS Summer Stack is split into 3 variations.

  1. Beginner
  2. Advanced
  3. Veteran
We recommend using the Beginner variation if you have completed 2 or less cycles. Use the Advanced variation if you have completed 3 or more cycles and do not have any underlying health conditions. The veteran cycle is only recommended if you have been cycling for more than 5 years.


  • 3x Testosterone Blend
  • 2x Anavar 50mg
  • 1x Clenbuterol


  • 2x Opus RIP Blend
  • 2x Dynamic RIP Blend
  • 2x Testosterone Blend
  • 1x Clenbuterol
  • 3x T3


  • 3x Testosterone Blend
  • 4x Tren Acetate
  • 4x Primobolan
  • [Your choice of Oral]
  • 3x T3
  • 1x Clenbuterol

The brands included in your order will be the best available one unless otherwise specifically stated.

If you are looking for other cycles to run check out our article: 3 Basic Cycles.


Beginner, Advanced, Veteran

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